I'll Cry if I Want To

Consultation and installation for Lindsay Joy's MFA Thesis Exhibition
Art Consultation Install

Lindsay creates spaces for vulnerability and girlhood in her installations. I was able to mask some intrusive technology by programming computers to loop video work in three channels; rather than have bulky DVD players or projectors in view.

This was a fun project to learn about scripting, Raspberry Pi configuration, and how to make it easy to install.

I’ve learned a thing or two since doing this project that would have been incredibly useful during those first few days. The biggest thing to remember is not to assume knowledge. For instance, I know how to SSH into a device on my network and use the command line interface to do various tasks, this is not, however, common knowledge! I is a lot easier for a gallery assistant to restart the show when the entire startup and execution is automated and scripted, rather than just the art itself.

The mistake I made all those years ago was that I made a really cool script to launch and loop the video art infinitely. But in order to launch that script, you had to access the Raspberry Pi via SSH, then log in, then launch the script. In my head it was super simple. My dear partner helped me see the light when the system went down and I wasn’t around to reset it!

Lindsay Joy can be found at https://www.lindsayjoy.ca, the gallery of the work can be found here.