Notes From My First Dnd Session in 15 Years

July 12, 2018
Storm King's Thunder Dungeons & Dragons

I met the Oaken Arseholes today, I was going to introduce myself, but there was no one on the freaking boat. I fell asleep waiting for them to show up, next thing I know I’m being dragged out of my place by a bunch of damned cultists. There was a bad priest, a spooky warlock looking dude, a druid, and some sort of face pounder… kind of a big greenish dude.

I had to talk fast to convince them not to kill me out of hand, which is kind of strange for a group that I thought was going to be nicer. It probably would have been fine if I met them the way I intended. I told them about the Fire Primordial Maegera having arrived in Ironslag and my liberating of some documents from the Zhentarim command tent in Nightstone.

Bad Priest called up a Storm Giant, seemed like a bit of a space case, I asked that guy about Mirran and Nym since suspicions are starting to circulate that Mirran and Nym may have had something to do with King Hekaton’s disappearance and they may have not acted alone. It turns out that they are a couple of the Storm Kings children.

From there we went to Lyn Armaal, to see a countess of the Cloud Giants, apparently she’s a vainglorious and paranoid creature who feels that she’s being wronged by the Storm Giants. We are apparently going to try and bluff her into fighting some Fire Giants, since the Stormies aren’t doing anything. Apparently she tortures Dragons and clones Birdmen for fun.

I think we’re doomed.

We managed to get an audience with the countess, she didn’t want to take us seriously though and dismissed us out of hand. We poked around for a bit to see what we could find; if she won’t help us knowingly, she’ll help us regardless. There was some neat stuff that she left laying around for us: A magic box of some sort, some maps, potions… big ones. Belladonna apparently spoke with a plant or two and between us all we found out that she’s torturing dragons for info about treasures or hoards, she doesn’t have many guests, and that the castellan has also been trying to use her magical box (hur hur).

After picking up the stuff that Countess Sansuri left for us in her room, we realized that we still need her to use the magic box to bring a teleportation conch to us. So we’re going to ask again. I really want to play up the fact that her castellan is trying to steal from her… Mordack or whatever the bad priest is called seemed not to agree but whatever; I’m a newbie with these guys so I’ll follow along for now.

Before approaching the countess we quietly went to visit the room where she was interviewing a Dragon! There was some griffons on the way and It turned out to be a Bronze named Felgolos. Magbag stayed with him while we went to our interview.

We almost got killed again, but instead, Maldor threatened her brother and she gave up the shell by throwing it out of the moon door. Priest and Plant Lady jumped out after it so I just bowed and left; it’s important to have manners.

Out in the hallway I met up with Kaithis, we were going to wait for the bag guy – I don’t really remember him or what kind of stuff he does – but there was a big noise from the room where we left him so Kaithis jumped us back out to the airship.

It was time to go at that point. Magbag was riding the dragon, so we left double time away from the Cloud Giants and towards Belladonna’s home town. We all met up at the ship then went to the town, spending the evening helping them with repairs and rebuilding. It looks like there’s been some sort of devastation here! I did pretty awesome I think, I left a good impression on them.

Next morning, we blow the horn and zap over to some sort of ocean theme hotel. Not much interesting in the entry rooms, big pool, guest rooms, sauna… They made a gift of some blankets to me; they’re nice… not cheap hotel, but like fancy B&B style linens… We went up some stairs and there were a bunch of giants hanging around and grumbling. Rather than walk in like we were supposed to be there we did some clever sneaking about. After some poking around in the kitchen, someone decided to start a fight with a pair of hill giants.

Not much of a fight, as soon as we knocked them down a couple of storm giants showed up and stopped the fracas. They didn’t see me, but I think everyone else got arrested.

So the whole party gets taken to the throne room at spear-point, there’s a kind of uneasy feeling about the place; like something’s not right in the air. The three sisters are there with the potentially good one in the middle. There’s two storm giant advisers behind. I saw this as I snuck up to the doors. The Dragonborn Paladin Paskan puked in the pool, maybe he feels uneasy here as well.

Maldor said that we were sent by the Gods to save the fuckin’ world. Maybe he was, I just didn’t want to pay for a freaking crystal figurine.

Cerissa seems to like us small folks because of her Mom. It looks like there’s an advisor that is maybe controlling the Princesses.

Holy shit, the advisor turned out to be an ancient blue fuckin’ dragon!

Holy shit apparently the Party knows this dragon!

We fought the dragon until it ran away, stealing a sceptre from Princess Serissa. Afterwards we got Serissa to show us the clues from the scene where her Mom was killed and Dad was abducted: Leather pouch with a wooden disc about the size of a gold coin. Apparently from a boat casino owned by someone called Drylund. That guy may be involved with the death of Queen Neri or Hekaton’s disappearance. He’s definitely a member of the Kraken society, I recall reading that somewhere.

The sisters (Nym & Mirran) weren’t directly to blame for King Heck and Queen Neri, they were mind controlled by the Blue Dragon. What a dick.

The giants can teleport us where we need to go, and they’re cool with us keeping Sansuri’s teleportation conch. They’re also cool with us using this place as a transport hub if it’s really important. The Stormies also gave us a bit of equipment, including a scroll of resurrection. Maldor promised to use the scroll to heal queen Neri if we don’t have to use it on ourselves or Hekaton for this mission, maybe he’s not such a bad priest after all!

Uthor is the older advisor who wasn’t a dragon is the guy who does the teleportation. We went to Everlund, did some shopping then off to Yarbar or whatever it’s called. We’re going to confront Drylund and see what kind of info we can get to recover King Hekaton. Drylund has been hosting parties and schmoozing, since he wants to become the next Water-Baron in Yartar; replacing Nestra, a member of the Lords Alliance.

Drylund admitted to being a part of the Kraken society and being hired to kidnap Hekaton. Since the Kraken society doesn’t care what happens to the rest of the world they don’t really care that this has caused all sorts of shit with their social hierarchy, let alone that deaths and destruction of so many towns following this upheaval. He doesn’t know who hired them, he was taking orders from the archmage Tholz Daggerdark. Tholz is like the Kraken Pope or something, he’s usually on their ship the Morkoth along the trackless sea.

As he was about to spill about motives he fucking dies. like hard death. Maybe he pissed of the Kraken.

On the way off the boat I pickpocketed a bag of holding, turned invisible, hid, snorted some pixie dust, and flew away. Waiting back at the airship for everyone else to get back.

Next day we did some research about the Kraken society and found out that the Kraken society is a cult that worships Slarkrathel the Kraken, they do so well beyond reason. They’re not negotiators. “Fuck everything in order to release the Kraken” seems to be their motto. We picked up some Magic items that we were getting crafted and otherwise prepared to head out to sea.