Falorin Desmains, Arcane Trickster

Somewhat of a resumé for my character


I grew up in Shilmistra, no close kin of Elbereth though. My mother was a weaver and my father… well, he’s probably long dead. I’ve been told that he was a funny man, a traveller and a scholar. Also hopelessly clumsy.

Life in the forest was quiet of course and I grew up loved as any of full Elven blood, but I’m different; and it’s more than skin deep. So when I came of age and my mother trusted that I knew myself well enough, I left.

I didn’t leave the forest at first, but I did leave behind companionship. I spent several years alone. I intentionally isolated myself from all types of society. I had hoped to learn or discover what society means by exploring it’s absence, also, I learned to survive in a wood, how to make shelter and food. I grew to know myself better and also, learned to play the dulcimer. After my solitude, I made my way to Human civilization, hoping to find acceptance from that half of my blood. Of course it wasn’t easy, I still haven’t figured out their boggling concept of “ownership”. It seems to me that if you want something you should have it, and if someone wants it more, they should keep it harder than you (or I) try to take it. I also discovered that I can be a bit of a fumble-finger if I don’t pay attention. Farmers’ wives don’t like it when you drop their “good plates”.


I’m currently unaffiliated. A free agent as it were. An independent contractor.


The Party

I’ve heard that there’s this group of adventurers coming up in the realm that are trying to do something about this whole giant mess. It would be interesting to see what else they do, and maybe what kind of connections they could make for me… I bet if I figure out how to join up with them they could be a good shelter for the time being, until something better comes along… That would get the Zhents off my ass.

Klauth, the Red Wyrm

The dragon has shown some interest in us and has granted us the use of an airship piloted by some of their cultists. Whatever promises they’ve made I don’t believe. Chromatics are not to be trusted. Ever.

????? The Storm Giant

This dude has his head in the clouds, literally. He’s been helpful and I totally appreciate it despite not knowing his motivations.


Lowell Skanderseig, the Zhentarim fence

He’s a jewell merchant/Local fence with ties to the Zhentarim; I attracted his ire while perusing a storefront of his in Everlund. Sure, I may have lifted a couple of small-time trinkets when he wasn’t looking; but his reaction to me breaking the crystal doves was vastly more than it deserved! I’ve been running and hiding for weeks from this guy’s hired goons. I hope he doesn’t get his Zhentarim masters involved… or if he tries, they just get rid of him for me; he can’t be that high up with them.

Countess Sansuri

We definitely didn’t leave on the best of terms, and when she discovers the totality of what we did while there… well, I doubt she’s the type to fogive and forget.

The Zhentarim

Slightly at odds with Zhentarim because of butterfingers. That thing with Lowell, if you piss off one Zhent, you have to assume you’ve pissed them all off. The Party seems to be good at pissing everyone off in general though.

Notes From My First Dnd Session in 15 Years

July 12, 2018