Arts and Technology Consulting

Focusing on artists and the arts community gives artists the opportunity to take advantage of new mediums that they may not have thought of otherwise. Think of how technology can enhance a piece of Performance Art, Sculpture, or Fibre work; from the lighting in the space, or on a piece, to sensors to help your work interact with the world around it. Providing services to the arts serves to enrich the community and facilitates important conversations on culture and meaning.

Apple User Acceptance Testing

This was an opportunity to test and identify issues in software prior to general use. It was an experience taken while still officially holding the Genius role. Clear communication with a variety of organizations, dealing with ambiguity, driving for results, and attention to detail were all critical skills in successfully navigating this position.

Apple IS&T Champion

While this was not an official role, it was an excellent opportunity to practice learning on the fly, responding to urgent situations in a timely manner, and navigating different organizations within and without my environment. The role had me serve as somewhat of a liason between our internal technical support, and employees wanting to raise issues with tools and systems

Apple Genius

I was responsible for helping multiple customers identify, troubleshoot, and repair not only the users piece of technology, but also their relationship with the company. I would also act as a mentor to other members of the team, promoting positive behaviours and educating my peers when I could. I would work with aspiring Geniuses and try to develop them in ways that would help them achievethe goals they had set for themselves.

Apple Service Specialist

This position is much the same as the Genius position, but instead of being certified to troubleshoot and repair Macs, I would teach basic and introductory lessons on OS X and iOS usage, and facilitate transferring data for new owners from their old computer to the new one.

Tech Squad Inc. Depot Technician

This was a repair and sales focused career, I would identify ownership opportunities for customers as well as diagnose and repair their computers. unlike my current job with Apple Inc. mobile devices were not often seen.

Louisiana Pacific

As a general labourer I would safely and efficiently grade and sort veneer products, assemble graded veneer into Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), and clean all work areas so that other workers stay safe. What seems to most people from the outside as just mindless manual labour actually required a huge level of situational awareness, quick, and precise analytical thinking, and the ability to safely coordinate a small team in a somewhat risk-laden environment.

Merc Building Supplies General Labourer

This job taught me how to have a job. I learned to be self-directed when left to my own devices. I learned to ask questions when I don’t know an answer. I learned to watch out for my own safety, and the safety of people around me. I worked with professional tradespeople and somewhat less professional people, and I learned to interact with both in a professional way.

Husky Convenience Store Cashier

I managed the cash register accurately and maintained a neat and orderly store. I would interact with customers and ensure that they found everything that they were looking for. I would also direct people to services not necessarily provided at the store. This was one of my first “Real” jobs. Working here taught me about office politics, and to stay as far away from them as possible.


  • A+ Certified Professional Depot Technician License: COMP001008304669
  • Apple Certified Macintosh Technician: Apple Inc.