Do you ever wonder how things work? I do. I love dismantling things. I started with the Operating Systems on my computer in my early teens, moved on to the physical computer a few years later. I also started playing music. I’m a drummer who loves breaking down the individual patterns a phrases within a song. These days, I’m also playing with electronic music and taking apart the waveforms that comprise the core sound! My love of music and computers has drawn me into electronics prototyping and my endeavours to consult with Artists in my community. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, et. al. are wonderful playgrounds where I wish I could spend so much more time than I actually do. As an exercise in connecting with my more analogue past, I’ve also taken up bicycle repair, taking apart and rebuilding these simple old machines connects me with the manual labour of younger years, as well as reminds me that the core principles of troubleshooting translate across multiple disciplines!

I am a person with many interests, but they all have a similar root: Problem solving. I love problems and while they can be frustrating, painful, hateful, and difficult; the payoff in finding the solution is almost always worth it.