November 7, 2018

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Serving the area, as well as traveling with sufficient notice. This is not currently my full time occupation, so if there are significant time constraints I may not be the best option, I will always strive to give realistic time estimates for a given project.

Workshops & Presentations

I am happy to provide and facilitate talks on a variety of subjects including, but definitely not limited to, Introductory Arduino, Basics of Processing, Introductory Electronics, and Raspberry Pi basics. I take partnership with my host and work together with them to create an engaging and informative event wether it is a simple presentation, or a hands-on workshop!

Technical Integration

If you feel that your art, installation, or project could benefit from some interactivity, lights, sounds or other electronic magic, but you’re not certain how to make it happen. I’m here for you wether you just need direction, comprehensive instruction, or someone to just make it for you. There is always a way to make your vision a reality!


Please feel free to reach out to me any time to discuss your needs and where I can fit in! Your email address will not be used for marketing, advertising, or any automated communications whatsoever. There is also no commitment implied or assumed in contacting me. You can also find me on social media if you prefer.