Lightbox Project Michelle’s sculpted photographs are hauntingly beautiful. I worked with her on this project as part of a show here in Winnipeg, where the artist wanted micro-controlled light boxes to display the work in a specific manner.

This was a pretty fun project to work on, the concept and execution was pretty simple, but I think Michelle really made something beautiful and it was an honour to be even peripherally involved.

The shopping list was pretty short this time around. We used a button, a few resistors, a single microcontroller (Arduino Clone), about three meters of LED strip per box, and a single transistor for each light box.

The actual programming was a simple button press, then loop through each light box, then reset the button and wait. I used pulse width modulation to fade the LED strips in and out, and the transistor was so that I could use the available wall plugs to power the light strips, since the Arduino just couldn’t push enough juice for what we needed.

In the end there were actually two complete setups, one button powering two larger light boxes, and one button controlled set of three slightly smaller boxes. On reflection there are probably some things we could have done differently or more efficiently, but on the whole it was a successful project!

Michelle Wilson can be found at