Providing integration between art and technology. Motion, touch, and light sensors, robotics, wearable tech, and discrete computing. I make it work, you make it Art.


I’ve been tinkering with computers, operating systems, and technology for more than fifteen years. I know the ins and outs of troubleshooting, maintenance, setup, and installation of computer hardware and software. I’ve had both real-world experience, and textbook training for all of the above. As you can see from my blog, I’m currently learning some new tricks, and getting better all the time. In June of 2014, I decided that I am confident enough in my abilities to share them with others.

I’ve decided to focus my skills in somewhat of a niche market, as I do currently maintain a full time job apart from this.

Focusing on Artists and the Arts community gives artists the opportunity to take advantage of new mediums that they may not have thought of otherwise. Think of how technology can enhance a piece of Performance Art, Sculpture, or Fibre work; from the lighting in the space, or on a piece, to sensors to help your work interact with the world around it. Providing services to the arts serves to enrich the community and facilitates important conversations on culture and meaning.

Being aware of the needs of the Arts community means being aware of the limitations of both the services I will provide, as well as the means of the Artists. Because of this I maintain flexible rates for Student Arts, Low Income Needs, and Professional Arts. My rates are in general, lower than that of a more generalized IT Consultant, but do not devalue the IT Consulting Market.

Any consulting project will need a plan, and sufficient time to execute that plan, because of this I ask potential clients to plan for several weeks from initial discussions to final delivery. Time is needed to gather needed parts (as I do not maintain an inventory), design and implement a solution, and test that solution to ensure that it provides what is needed.

Previous Projects:

Lindsay Joy - I'll Cry If I Want To - MFA Thesis Exhibition Show - June 5th through 13th 2014, University of Manitoba School of Art Gallery

Installed and configured discrete Single-Board Computers as unobtrusive video players so that video art can be played without distracting and unnecessary A/V equipment.

Michelle Wilson - Anima - Concerning the Way in Which Two or More People or Things are Connected/ - September 5th and 6th 2014, PLATFORM centre for photographic + digital arts

Assembled, wired, and programmed light-boxes controlled by buttons to trigger a sequential fading effect for two sets of photographs.

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