Picture of desktop with a Linux desktop, a Raspberry Pi desktop, and a Mac OS desktop.

Install Linux on a Chromebook

January 10, 2017 by Nelson Milum

Why settle for a partial Linux when you can get the real deal! I'll paint some broad strokes and give you the tools you need to hack your Chromebook into a fully fledged computer.

Picture of a Moog Werkstatt connected with several wires to an Arduino UNO.

Werkstatt Oscilloscope Project

January 9, 2017 by Nelson Milum

A simple entry to three super cool platforms! Using some basic wiring, and some code that has already been provided, we can do some neat stuff with the Werkstatt platform.

Picture of two people looking at a large illuminated picture.

Concerning The Way…

September 5, 2015 by Michelle Wilson

Michelle's sculpted photographs are hauntingly beautiful. I worked with her on this project as part of a show here in Winnipeg, where the artist wanted micro-controlled light boxes to display the work in a specific manner.

Picture of a television, covered with a large number of sttickers for young girls. Image on television screen is of a young woman

I'll Cry if I Want to

June 16, 2014 by Lindsay Joy

Lindsay creates spaces for vulnerability and girlhood in her installations. I was able to mask some intrusive technology by programming computers to loop video work in three channels; rather than have bulky DVD players or projectors in view.